Permanently Affliated to Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.
Permitted by CCIM, New Delhi.
Under Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.



  1. LIBRARY : The library of the college is well furnished with variety of books on ayurveda and modern scientific techniques, Books, journals and magazines related to Ayurveda and available for study. The total number of books for different department is 6500 (approx.).
  2. LABORATORY and MUSEUM : According to B.A.M.S. syllabus department of Sharir kriya, Rognidan, Vikriti Vigyan, Dravyaguna, Rasshastra and Bhaishaiya Kalpana, the college has all the necessary equipments as per C.C.I.M. quality norms. The Laboratory is furnished with all modern and traditional models, microscopes, slides and informative charts. There is one separate dissection hall and Museum for anatomy department. Museums are also avaliable in department of Dravyaguna, Agadtantra and Vyavharayurved.
  3. HERBAL GARDEN : In the premises itself a beautiful herbal garden has been maintained. In the garden nearly 350 medicinal as well as aromatic plants have been developed. Many more rare medicinal and herbal seedlings are in the process of development. It has been very ornamentally planted in the premises for the through knowledge of the scholars. This herbal garden is being recognized as one of the most valuable asset of Jharkhand state as well as a mile stone in itself. Another herbal garden of the college is in the vide spread area of 1 acre and is well developed.
  4. AYURVEDIC PHARMACY : An Ayurvedic Pharmacy is situated in the hospital campus for manufacturign of Ayurvedic medicines. Students are imparted practical knowledge for perparation of Ayurvedic medicine which is based on traditional and modern methods. These medicines provide permanent cure for chronic diseases.

  1. ACCOMMODATION : The college provides room accommodation for students with modern furnitures and fittings. It is surrounded by green trees, gardens and sprawling lawns. Water supply, power, security, well build roads are some salient features. Emphasis on sanitation and hygiene is beign given by the concerned authorities as well as separate accommodation for girls (Sukanya Hostel) and boys (Dhanyantri Hostel) under the guidance of resident female and male warden simultaneously.
  2. CANTEEN: The hostel canteen is being run by the college authorities. The menu is being fixed-by the students themselves.
  3. COMMUNICATION FACILITY : STD/ISD booth facility is provided for the students in the college campus and 24 hours conference facility is also provided in the college hostel. EPBX phone line in each Hostel.
  4. RAILWAYS CONCESSION : The college provides railway concession forms in the summer vacation and Puja Vacation for the regular students.
  5. SPORTS FACILITIES : For physical fitness of the students sports fitcilities like Badminton, Table-tennis, Volley Ball have been provided in the campus for boys and girls separately.
  6. COLLEGE BUS : College Bus is always available in the college campus for conveyance purpose and outdoor excursion/medicinal tours.