Permanently Affliated to Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.
Permitted by CCIM, New Delhi.
Under Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.



  1. The main aim is to create Bachelors in the field of Ayurveda, so that they can work as competent ayurvedic medical practitioners.
  2. Research work pertaining to Ayurvedic medicine of international repute and general welfare of the people.
  3. To impart knowledge to the students regarding medicine and surgical facilities for the benefit of patients


  1. To provide awareness, basic knowledge and skill in the field of Ayurveda.
  2. To impart a comprehensive training in enforcement practices as well as laboratory works and to provide traditional pharmaceutical work in "Bhaishajya Kalpana Department" to the students.
  3. To spread the technical know-how regarding plantation of medicinal and aromatic plants in qualitative approach.

Herbal plants are the valuable assets of the Jharkhand State. The primary motive to this college is to impart knowledge about the herbal plants and to make it's best use. Ayurved remains the basic needs of the tribal areas which is away from the township and people are extracting much profit with lesser cost by applying scientific knowledge in this field.


The course has been designed to impart basic concept about the Ayurveda. Study is strictly based on centuries old Ayurveda. The work Ayurveda signifies "Ayur" means life and acts as vital internal defense mechanism. The medicines prepared are totally natural with no side effects. It is completely a safer system of (medicine without any side effects) and efficiently meant for chronic illness.
The college has an attached hospital. The diagnosis is based on detailed data drawn from the facts pertaining to individual habits, diet, constitution, profession, mental features etc. This pathy is unique as it can be used for prevention of disease, treatment and at the same time rejuvenating the body by increasing immunity against the disease producing organisms.